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Leveraging Generative AI for enhanced Business Operations

Leveraging Generative AI for enhanced Business Operations

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategically has become essential for enterprises at large. Generative AI (GenAI) is recognized for its transformative impact, enhancing operational efficiency, enabling smart decision-making, and driving innovation across diverse businesses.

In a knowledge exchange session, curated by CORE Media, in association with Google Cloud India, Business and Digital leaders engaged in a conversation centered around GenAI, and its impact on crucial business aspects like process automation, data-driven insights, and operations.

Anoop Mathur, Founder of CORE Media, initiated the conversation by discussing strategies to leverage GenAI for better business outcomes in today’s evolving technology landscape with Rajesh Shewani - Head of Customer Engineering, Google Cloud and Seema Ramachandra - Customer Engineering Manager, Google Cloud.

The key points highlighted by the CIOs and digital leaders attending the discussion were as follows:-

  1. GenAI, a transformative technology, enhances operational efficiency, enabling smarter decision-making and fostering innovation. Its impact is felt across various domains, reshaping business operations and strategic decision-making.
  2. Google Cloud’s Generative AI solution Gemini leverages advanced AI techniques to streamline processes, optimize workflows, and gain actionable insights, ultimately empowering enterprises to achieve their strategic objectives with greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. With data security being one of the biggest concerns, Google Cloud elaborated on robust security measures and privacy protocols. They emphasized their commitment to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, driving the future of GenAI forward

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