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5 ways to get out of a rut at work

5 ways to get out of a rut at work

Here are some tips to help you bounce out of a slump and increase your productivity.

1. Upgrade your skills
Take some time out to add to your skill set and knowledge. Sign up for a short course/seminar/conference. Why not learn a new language? Or just set aside some time to catch up on all the work-related reading material you’ve set aside. Learning something new will boost your morale and give you something to look forward to each day/week.

2. Change your daily routine a bit
Come in to office earlier instead of later. You’re more likely to get time to yourself without distractions and get your first task done quicker. Or wake up a little earlier and head to the gym/do yoga/go for a walk. The exercise will reenergise you and pump you up to take on the day. Better physical health also means better mental health. At the office, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or go to a bathroom on another floor; you’ll get more exercise while at the same time get yourself out of your comfort zone. The idea is to vary your routine, introduce change so as to create minor disruptions that spur you on to get out of the lethargy.

3. Tackle the smaller tasks
If your mind is stuck on a given day and you can’t figure your way out of it, then take a step back and channel your energy towards smaller more manageable tasks. Divert your mind to those things you can quickly accomplish. Catch up on emails, review a project report, declutter your desk, have a team huddle to see how everyone’s doing. Doing even these small tasks will generate a feeling of accomplishment, leading to a positive mood and help you generate momentum to keep going.

4. Create a vision
Sometimes if you’re stuck in a rut it’s because you don’t have a vision to inspire you to move forward. We all need something that motivates us, that inspires us to achieve bigger and greater heights. Without that motivation we would be just coasting along in limbo. The company’s vision often isn’t enough. You need your own vision that pushes you forward. Think about your end goal, how will this job/project get you there? Why are you doing it? What do you hope to achieve? Flesh out the end goal as much as possible so you have something tangible you’re working towards.

5. Go on a mini-getaway
Have you lost sight of what drives you? Has your inspiration been lost under the pile of daily tasks? If you find yourself shuffling aimlessly through your days, it’s time you stopped and took stock of the situation. Take a step back, get out of the office, and take two to three days off for yourself. You don’t need to travel anywhere. This time is for you to introspect. Is your job still giving you a purpose? Are you deriving happiness from it? What has changed? Use this time to revaluate your life plan and refocus your energies towards finding a purposeful path.

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