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Leveraging Generative AI to enhance Productivity and Collaboration

Leveraging Generative AI to enhance Productivity and Collaboration

In the dynamic landscape of Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI (GenAI) is swiftly transforming workplaces. It offers opportunities to streamline collaborative processes and enhance productivity within digital collaboration platforms across different industries.

At the recent edition of ‘Digital Leaders Club’ curated by CORE Media and powered by Google Cloud India, CIOs, digital leaders and Google Cloud India executives explored the transformative potential of strategically integrating Generative AI (GenAI) into business operations. The discussion focused on GenAI's capabilities in automating tasks, generating data-driven insights, streamlining workflows, and enhancing the efficiency of digital collaboration tools.

Anoop Mathur, Founder - CORE Media, started the conversation by talking about Generative AI and its potential impact on business operations. Joining him as co-host in this discussion was Shirish Vaidya, Renewal Sales Specialist, Google Workspace. The conversation focused on ‘Gemini for Google Workspace’ and explored GenAI powered features and functions that organizations can leverage to enhance their productivity and collaboration.

The key points highlighted by the CIOs and digital leaders attending the discussion were as follows:-

  1. Generative AI helps in enhancing productivity through its ability to leverage structured and unstructured information and generate optimized content for enterprises. This further helps enhance processes and streamline operations in the HR, Marketing and Sales verticals of an organization. While the productivity ratio may differ from organization to organization, GenAI has capabilities to analyze large data sets, convert it into actionable insights and enhance business operations efficiently.
  2. Gemini has the ability to understand and analyze existing codes for potential bugs, syntax errors, or inefficiencies and suggest improvements or alternative approaches, prompting engineers and developers to consider different solutions to enhance software development. Gemini for Google Workspace empowers enterprise workforce to collaborate more efficiently in real time with the power of GenAI. Google Cloud offers data privacy assurance by ensuring that any prompts and responses generated through Gemini for Google Workspace remain within an organization's system and are not accessed by the outside.
  3. CIOs from Manufacturing, Pharma, and BFSI enterprises are open to leverage GenAI for new product development and to enhance customer service and experience. Conversational AI can simulate human conversations through natural language processing and reduce costs, increase productivity and operational efficiency through automation. Contact Center AI can streamline contact operations, personalize customer interactions, and empower enterprises to deliver a better customer experience. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction, improved brand loyalty, and increased operational efficiency.

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