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Future of Data Center and Pervasive AI

Future of Data Center and Pervasive AI

In the digital transformation era, enterprises aspire for secure, user-friendly, and adaptable infrastructure solutions, enabling innovation and swift, scalable product and service delivery. Yet, conventional solutions widely adopted across the industry can be restrictive in terms of scalability, security, and flexibility, placing businesses at risk of missing out on valuable insights.

In a closed door discussion curated by CORE Media, powered by AMD, CIOs and Digital Leaders explored high-performing, secure, and efficient solutions for effective infrastructure management that enhance business value.

Sudhir Kamath, Country Director, CORE Media opened the conversation by talking about the need of robust infrastructure to optimize operations that drive business value. Joining him as co-hosts were Vasuki Kadaba Srinath, Country Manager - Enterprise Business & Regional Head - AMD India and Manmohan Brahma, Manager - Solutions Architect, AMD.

They discussed that a robust infrastructure is not just a technical necessity; it's a strategic imperative for optimizing business value and driving competitive advantage in today's dynamic digital landscape. By ensuring reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure, businesses can unlock new opportunities, improve operational efficiency, and achieve their strategic goals.

The session highlighted that the Hospital sector is focused on creating a flexible and scalable infrastructure that can accommodate the increasing complexity of genomics data, ensuring efficient utilization for medical research and personalized patient care while the Pharma sector prioritized regulatory compliance for patient data confidentiality.

Furthermore, CXOs from Biotechnology organizations elaborated that they are scaling up their efforts in drug discovery and research by investing in digital transformation and fostering collaborations with research institutions. Leaders also discussed that they should follow a strategic approach involving regular upgrades and advanced data storage technologies for infrastructure management which ensures that their infrastructure remains at the forefront, supporting drug discovery initiatives and research endeavors effectively.

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