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Driving Business Value with Cloud Optimization

Driving Business Value with Cloud Optimization

Optimization is essential for maximizing the benefits of Cloud. Enterprises need a comprehensive and strategic cloud approach to achieve optimal cloud results and address issues like latency, legacy architecture, legal considerations, and cost overruns.

In a knowledge exchange session, curated by CORE Media, in association with Tata Communications, CIOs and Digital leaders engaged in a conversation centered around cloud optimization and its profound impact on key business priorities like legacy infrastructure protection, automating processes, efficiency, security, and compliance.

Anoop Mathur, Founder of CORE Media, initiated the conversation by discussing cloud optimization strategies and the primary challenges enterprises face in optimizing their cloud deployments for maximum business value with Neelakantan Venkataraman, Vice President and Global Head of Cloud and Edge Business at Tata Communications.

The key points highlighted by the CIOs and digital leaders attending the discussion were as follows:-

  1. Cloud optimization refers to the process of maximizing the efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing resources and services. It involves strategically managing and configuring cloud infrastructure, applications, and workloads to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and cost savings.
  2. CIOs from Manufacturing, Insurance, and Financial Services addressed their concerns about emerging cloud optimization strategies, which include balancing cost optimization with innovation and adaptability, security concerns in their cloud deployments, ensuring seamless integration and interoperability between various cloud services and platforms, and mitigating data security and compliance risks associated with cloud migration.
  3. Tata Communications is leveraging AI and serverless technologies to optimize cloud costs and predict consumer behavior, while integrating FinOps practices for holistic cloud management. They're also exploring Apex Coex and Edge Computing solutions to further enhance cost efficiency and performance. Tata Communications aims to help enterprises navigate the complexities of cloud optimization, ultimately enabling them to achieve optimal cloud results and maximize business value.

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